About Bruce Davie: 

Bruce Davie grew up digging through treasures in antique and secondhand stores buying décor items and vintage clothes. It took a cross country move, leaving most of his possessions in storage, to add auctions and estate sales to his foraging. Buying more interesting things than he needed led to selling to local antique dealers and decorators. Many of whom, in turn, encouraged him to open a space at a local antique mall. That is when the journey really began.

Passionate about antiques, history and design, Bruce has seen his former hobby evolve into a career. Now an owner of his own estate sale company, he has expanded to offer estate liquidations and appraisals while continuing to buy single items and complete home contents. 

As a long time antique dealer and member of the International Society of Appraisers, Bruce Davie has the experience to allow us to recognize value in everyday objects. With over 11 years experience in the estate and antique business and a lifetime of exposure to the antique industry, he can help you get the greatest value possible for all your household items including those you may not have considered.

about us

The focus of Broom Clean Estate Services is to partner with
our clients. We achieve the most successful outcome through
understanding the needs of the family and forming a plan
specifically tailored to ensure a satisfying result.
First and foremost we are an Estate Sale company ready to sort
through a lifetime of family possessions.

Beginning with the first visit we help determine what type of sale
is right for you. Because each client, situation and sale is unique,
we offer a hands-on approach throughout the process.
Our experience allows us to recognize value in everyday objects.
Please do not discard anything without consulting with us first.

Definition; Shall be defined as follows: Free of all personal
property, debris and garbage in all parts of the premises,
common areas, sidewalks in front of the building and any
storage areas in the building associated with the premises.